An interview with
Distorted Harmony

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Distorted Harmony began their journey in 2009, with a collaboration between composer and keyboardist Yoav Efron and drummer Yogev Gabay. The two were later joined, in 2011, by vocalist Misha Soukhinin, guitarist Guy Landau, and bassist Iggy 'Jalapeno' Cohen to complete the final lineup. In 2006, Yoav composed the first song "Utopia" which later became the title for their critically praised debut album. In the following years, the band began their collaboration with by lyrics by Misha and further musical contributions from Yoav and Guy (Blue), as well as some input from various friends in the musical community. Released digitally on May 14th, 2012, as a free download, "Utopia" in just a short period of time it has won praise and respect worldwide for it's highly complex and intense arrangements, it's virtuosic musicianship, and it's ability to captivate the listener. Distorted Harmony has established itself as Israel's leading progressive metal band and aspires to be recognized as one of the leading bands in Prog / Metal as well as the overall worldwide music scene.

Let's talk about your debut album, why did you choose the name Utopia as the name for your first album?

Each of us has his own Utopia. There wasn't a specific 'Utopia' we wanted to represent, basically because none of us can agree on a perfect Utopia. The idea behind the album's title and our concept of Utopia, is through the question asked in the song (utopia) - "Is this our utopia?" And when you think about it, each song raises the question of - "Is this really what we should have? Should do? Accept? etc..". When you look at the cover, you see one bright and clean side, and a dirty, partly distorted side, this isn't our Utopia.

How was the feedback you have been receiving from people?

We did have a few big concerts in Tel Aviv, the last one was in the Barby which is the biggest concert-club in Tel Aviv and it was incredible. The place was packed with both young and mature (old) audience. Music lovers, Metal-heads and Die-hard prog fans. It was absolutely an amazing experience for us. We already did a show in front of a huge crowd in Prog-Stage-Fest 2012, but this time we had most of the crowd singing our music along with us! The feedbacks are amazing, people love it, support us and our ongoing process in making a new album and of course - loving our live show which is a huge part of us. We truly blessed to have such an audience, local and around the world and we hope it'll get bigger and better (e.g Muse - The Small Print cover).

How much time did you put into making this album?

We entered the studio, starting with the drums on September 2011.. The album was ready a month before its digital release (midst of May 2012), it took us a little over half a year to produce it.

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